Untitled (Atrocity Exhibitions)

Curated by Jack Sargeant and Linsey Gosper

Artists: Romain Slocombe, Lydia Lunch, Tyler Hubby, Samantha Sweeting, Monte Cazazza, Usama Alshaibi, Linsey Gosper and Jack Sargeant

Drawing on the exploration of the eruption of repressed desires and polymorphic perversions into the everyday, hinted at in J G Ballard’s experimental novel ‘The Atrocity Exhibition’, from where the colloquial title is drawn, this collection of images explores the emergence of new manifestations of the psychosexual unconscious. In these works libidinal outpourings become manifests through unusual fetishes, unleashed urges and images of polymorphic sexuality.

Hand in mouthLinsey Gosper and Jack Sargeant
Imminent SymphorophiliaLinsey Gosper and Jack Sargeant